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Best Toys For 5 Year Old Boys

best toys for 5 year old boys

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Carmen Krause RN

Carmen Krause RN

52 Stories #10


Our teachers oftentimes wanted us to think about or set our goals. What do you want to be when you grow up? How do you want to live? What does it take to make you happy?
Even an MTV Twisted Sister video opened with the some teens “Old Man” demanding “Whaaaaat are you going to do with your LIFE???”

Like most of the folks in America or the world, I didn’t have a clue. Who really knows what they want to do when they’re a kid? And who has the time to figure it out?

I know after I discovered girls, if I’d had any goals they would have been compromised. Weren’t yours?

If a young man just had his priorities straight he could live the good life. But the hormones usually get in the way and there you go.

I bet you know that young males expend more effort from the age of 15 to 25 chasing girls than they do chasing money?
If we could just convince young men spend the same energy, the same effort, during those same 10 years to making money and leave the girls alone until they were 25, they would have enough money that they could spend the rest of their life chasing girls and never have to work again.
Just misplaced goals.

I lived by the seat of my pants all of my childhood and much of my adult life. I didn’t set goals. Didn’t know where I would be when I hit 25 or 35 or 45. Still don’t for the most part. I do enjoy living for today and ensuring that when the day comes that my train pulls in to the station, I have no regrets.

We had our kids when we were young and raised them ourselves. We didn’t impose on others to keep them on the weekends or during the week. We just toughed it out. We starved too. Having only one paycheck for many years keeps you frugal.

After the kids were born we measure life not in goals but in measured achievements.
The first day each of the kids slept all night, now that was an achievement. Holy smokes that was nice.
The day one could hold its own bottle or get the pacifier back in its own mouth was a great day too. We didn’t let the pacifiers or bottles last long. As soon as they could hold a cup we tossed them.
I remember upon exiting the local donut shop Shelby’s’ pacifier fell into the dirt. We went cold turkey from that day. Oh, I hedged my bet and bought another just in case but we were lucky and never needed one.
The day one got old enough to watch the other was a red letter day. So was the day one got old enough to drive. I was thrilled. Fetch this, Run to the store for that. Take your sister to the skating rink, birthday party, etc, etc, etc. Yes Sir. And they loved to go too. One of the few things an adult can tell a teen to do that they jump on.

There were setbacks too. Shelby loved to flush items down the commode. It was magic the way everything disappeared. Hotwheels, toy airplanes, crayons, toothbrushes, you name it. The only set of keys I had to the Monte Carlo went there was also. Thanks.
There was the day Shelby took a can of spray paint and painted down the side of my mothers car. EEeewwwwww. I was almost afraid to go back in the house to tell my father but he didnt care. The discipline theory had changed after the grand-kids were born.

The time in 1990 when Shelby thought he was a Ninja Turtle and he and the neighbor boy jumped on and broke the windshield out of Cindy’s Grand Am. He was only six.
Be best to save some of the better ones for later.

I remember the day in August 1993 when Carmen was starting Kindergarten. I walked her out to the end of the driveway and we stood awaiting the bus. While I was standing there, I realized that when she got on the bus, Cindy and I would be home alone for the first time in almost 10 years. I hadn’t thought of that yet. It was a revelation. The last time I had been home alone with Cindy I had been 21 years old. Our oldest had been born in May of 1984. We could go back to bed, sleep, go to breakfast, watch tv. It was like a get out of jail card. We could do anything we wanted for almost 5 hours. Kindergarten was only half a day. But it was still a sobering thought.

In the past years we have taught them to walk, read, write, finish homework, be punctual, kissed hurts, encouraged thought, pushed, pulled, cajoled, ordered, prayed, congratulated, listened to countless hours of practice, ran off goofy friends, purchased cars, clothes, books, computers, more clothes, ……………….

Much was expected of both our kids. They and we both came from blue collar families. No silver spoons, no birthrights, no trust funds. What you earned in spirit, respect, and wages you earned the hard way. With your hands, your manners and your brains. Each of our children worked one summer performing manual warehouse labor in some of the facilities I managed. They worked beside grown men and women performing heavy work and both made me proud.

Along the way, I thought we would never get here.

Next week though, 5-14-09 the college career of our youngest comes to an end. She will graduate with her RN degree and has accept

best toys for 5 year old boys

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