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Turning Vintage Toys : Top 10 Toys 2011.

Turning Vintage Toys

turning vintage toys

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Vintage Toy Red Telephone

Vintage Toy Red Telephone

Here is a darling red metal toy telephone made by "The Steel Stamping Company" Lorain Ohio, made in the U.S.A.
Cotton cord is in great condition,bell rings when you turn dial,though you have to spin it a few times,numbers are clear and clean without any scratches. Overall condition is very good for a toy from the 1940's (estimate guess & research) Well played with as seen in the photos (paint loss on edges) Thank you

partially rerooted redhead / titian 1105 TNT Skipper (1968) wearing 1748 Triple Treat (1970-71)

partially rerooted redhead / titian 1105 TNT Skipper (1968) wearing 1748 Triple Treat (1970-71)

This doll had no bangs, so I rerooted them using the hair from the doll wearing Long N Short of It. I'm really happy with the way she turned out. Her hair is still a little thin, she's a very pretty doll now :0)

Missing the turquoise Taiwan flats. Pink flats added. This is the swirly cue fabric version.

turning vintage toys

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