Barney The Purple Dinosaur Toys. Jurassic Park Toys 2011. Wind Up Toys Wholesale


Barney The Purple Dinosaur Toys. Jurassic Park Toys 2011. Wind Up Toys Wholesale

Barney The Purple Dinosaur Toys

barney the purple dinosaur toys

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Post Fruity and Coco Pebbles Cereal Box Promo (1990's)

Post Fruity and Coco Pebbles Cereal Box Promo (1990's)

I purchased many many boxes of this cereal when it was available; trying to complete the whole set of four dino figures. Then after meeting that goal I tried to get each figure in the four different colors. Never made it.
Then in 1999 I saw an auction on e-bay for a case of 200 unopened inserts that I won for $20 plus shipping (I think $15). Anyway when the case arrived I was really excited because all I wanted was all four dino figures in the four different colors of plastic. Except that it turned out the entire case of two hundred figures were all purple Triceratops!
To this day I still do not have a complete set of these very cool dino toys.

the purple freaks

the purple freaks

Don't get me wrong. I love dinosaurs.

But erm when they come in purple and are named Barney...erm....thanks but no thanks.

barney the purple dinosaur toys

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