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Reproduction Antique Toys

reproduction antique toys

  • The action or process of making a copy of something

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Flip Flop (FF)

Flip Flop (FF)

The Flip Flop is a reproduction of an antique toy that we have. This is one of our anti-frustration pull toys (see Jonesey for the other). The toy pulls along behind the toddler and when the direction is changed, the toy flips over itself and keeps right on going. There is no need to stop and "fix it." Also a learning toy, the Flip Flop teaches the stacking/counting of 1-2-3. It is made out of birch and measures 12 inches in length.

Antique German "flat top" china head doll

Antique German "flat top" china head doll

Antique German "flat top" china head doll, circa 1860s -1870s. While her body is a reproduction, the red eyelids and white center part indicate that the head is much older. Her dress is antique and probably dates to around 1900.

reproduction antique toys

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